Flexipod - An Intelligent Home office

Work From Home is a great new norm! When your employees or vendor staff work remotely, are you able to comply with security and data privacy requirements? What if you could setup a Micro ODC, with ODC like controls, at home that is



Don’t lose business for lack of a secure workplace.Your employees deserve a safe workplace.Colleagues would appreciate a silent one!
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  • SAFE
Biometric or Face recognition based Access Control
FlexiPod comes with optional biometric or face recognition based access control mechanism to allow only authorised users to access the Pod. Security system is connected to centralized server (on premise or cloud) using wifi or similar technologies.
Computer vision solution to prevent tailgating
FlexiPod has a provision for smart video monitoring system to prevent tailgating - unauthorised persons entering the secure premise behind the back of authorised persons. Adequate care is taken to ensure individuals privacy is respected.
Tracking and reporting for audit purposes
Intelligent access control system helps track attendance data and also alerts on any security violations. The dashboard and reports will be handy for remote auditing purposes.
Conducive and dedicated work environment solution
A good work environment at home is very important for the well being of the employees. FlexiPod is equipped with sound retardation mechanism, well designed ventilation and optional air cooling solution. Distraction, Sound pollution at home can lead to higher levels of stress. A quiet well ventilated private work place is a essential for long hours.
Designated workspace for worker safety insurance coverage
Worker safety Insurance in work from home or remote working model is an emerging topic. Employers have the responsibility to provide Worker Safety Insurance even when the employee is connecting remotely in the work from home setup. It is advisable to have a designated work area to optimize insurance coverage and simplify claims settlement. FlexiPod being an enclosed workspace can be designated as the dedicated work area.
Support in compliance to worker safety norms such as OHSA or equivalent
Employers have to ensure good work environment for employees even in the Work From Home or Remote working model. FlexiPod not only provides good work environment, IoT Solution to measure and report ambient condition in the Pod. Temperature, Humidity, Noise level and Air quality can be measured and tracked. A dashboard with site level exception reports on any threshold violations will help organizations assure good quality work environment which can aid them in their OHSA compliance.
Sound Retardation for better workplace at home

Work from home comes with challenges of noise from within and outside the home. Being exposed to the hussle through the long hours can be stressful. Also, the constant stress of home noise encroaching into audio and video calls can be burdensome. While colleagues and managers may have been accommodative so far, if WFH is here to stay as a mainstream model, it will become necessary to have a professional work environment at home. FlexiPod offers adequate sound retardation to improve work effectiveness alongside aiding in data privacy and confidentiality.

Enclosed workspace with Open space experience
Many of the roles require a private workspace to meet data privacy and confidentiality compliance requirements. Also, the private workplace is necessary for better participation in meetings and ceremonies. FlexiPod is designed as enclosed but open workspace. Semi frosted windows offer the right balance between privacy and open space.

Ventilated , Air Cooling Technology
Sound insulation requires an airtight enclosure. The airtight enclosure will mean stale air with no fresh air. Achieving sound insulation with good ventilation is an interesting science. In humid climatic conditions, it can become a nightmare to sit inside an enclosed workspace for hours. However, Air cooling for such small space with low noise is a challenge. FlexiPod comes with well-researched airflow system with the right balance between insulation and ventilation.




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