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FlexiPod - Feel at office and Reclaim your home!

Switching to WFH home model was a reflex action to Covid. Most organizations which had very high standards for data security/privacy controls in office/campuses/ODCs demonstrated pragmatic lenience to keep the show on. However, now that WFH is here to stay, it is important to revisit the exemptions and exceptions to those controls. Companies need to evaluate whether they need to bring back the security controls – be it physical security, preventing tail gating or other Office/ODC like controls in the remote connectivity setup. Also, compliance with worker safety and insurance will necessitate companies to offer safe and designated work space at home. Home office has to replace the ODC and become the new Micro ODC.
On the other side, office has encroached into Home chores. Families have started feeling the brunt of office moving to their home. Home is not the natural habitat anymore with too many restrictions during the work hours. Kids cannot be kids, kitchen has to be silent, entertainment has to be muted and so on. Families are craving to reclaim their home back!
Considering these emerging requirements, we have designed FlexiPod. FlexiPod is a modular, acoustic, enclosed work space tailor made for companies looking at providing secure and safe workspace to their staff and to families who want to reclaim their home back from the home office.

Our endeavour is to make you feel at office while working from home!

Pressure cooker whistle in the background during office conference call or video bombing during video conference with client are now acceptable as Work From Home is a new concept for many. However, when the new norm becomes mainstream, we all will have to look at ways to create a professional work environment at home, to be able to meaningfully be engaged. Acoustics, Privacy and Security will be paramount. The idea of FlexiPod was conceived out of our own need to Feel at Office while working from home.